Monday, 13 February 2012

018: Kanban christmas 05

I'll post the last three cards together. I don't have anything too remarkable to say about them as you already know i love the images and the set :)

017: Kanban christmas 04

The next four cards were just a little matching set i made, they took just minutes to make but i think they look effective

016: Kanban christmas 03

I think this next card is really cute. I took the idea from the inspiration leaflet that came with the set as its just so cute :)

Please excuse the coffin in this next picture, its actually my brother's guitar case!

015: Kanban christmas 02

This card was meant to be a shaker card, but for some reason the "snow" in the middle doesn't work. I used the small left over blue dots from when i used my Martha stewart punch so maybe they are too big? Maybe i should have used glitter instead? Oh well, my friend liked it anyway and that's the main thing

014: Kanban christmas 01

The next few posts will be filled with a bunch of quick Kanban Christmas cards i made for this last Christmas. I have no idea if the set is still available, its actually the very first card making stash i owned. my mum bought it for me around three years ago from Create and Craft when i was first starting to think i could get into card making. Sadly i didn't get round to using it till this Christmas. I love the images, they are very cute and make nice quick cards and the quality is amazing.

013: Birthday card

This is the card that i made for my friend's birthday back in November. I hand glittered every single flower on the backing paper, but i think it looks good :) The image is coloured with promarkers, though by now i can't remember which ones i used. (same goes for the papers... i really am rubbish at this aren't i?). Anyway, images:

Close up of the image:

Not bad for my second attempt :)

I really need to learn how to take better pictures though. that will be my next thing to work on

Tuesday, 7 February 2012

012: Naughty me

I know, i'm so bad i haven't posted in here forever. I'm just so bad at keeping up. I do have a whole bunch of pictures of stuff i made last year which i will hopefully get around to posting soon. I will try to be better in future! In the meantime, here is a picture of the newest addition to my family


His name is Haru (Japanese for spring) and he is eight months old :)