Sunday, 5 December 2010

006: Craft supplies

I am so desperate to start making cards properly but as i am new to it, i am trying to hold off until i have bought all the basics first. It's really hard as i have so little self control! I decided to share some pictures of what i have bought so far, but there is so much more i want to buy. I have asked for a cuttlebug for Christmas so at the moment i am saving to buy one of the larger packs of promarkers for colouring in stamped images. Of course i need to buy some stamps too as well as punches, backing papers, inkpads, embellishments, the list go on lol. I have no idea which are the best things to buy first.

Well anyway, here is what i have so far :)

Most of the stuff in this picture is from The acrylic blocks are from i bought those to go with all the clear stamps i plan on buying. In case it isn't obvious i'm rather partial to the colour pink.

I have also bought a pack of 100 white card blanks and envelopes, again from

I couldn't resist this ribbon box from paper-and-string. They are really beautiful ribbons

I got these two cd roms from i couldn't resist the forever friends one and the artwork on the Enchanted one is just amazing. I also have a couple of my craft studio cd roms, but i seem to have forgetten where i put them so no picture of those

This last picture is of a large pile of different coloured 12 x 12 card stock i bought a couple of years ago and have never used. I bought it from a local shop, so no website, but i think the make is papermania. There are lots of different beautiful colours in the pack. I especially love the pale yellow and lilac colours

005: Snow pictures

I decided to post my snow pictures here as Kath over at her blog has asked to see pictures of people's snow and i couldn't resist joining in. I found it very hard to take pictures showing how deep the snow actually is. It was 18 inches at its deepest. Anyway, onto the pictures!

This is the small tree in front of the house. I always love how the snow looks balanced on the branches, it's so pretty

A view of the house

My footprints in the snow

Most of the bottom part of my leg is covered by snow!

My other leg stretched out in the snow after i fell over

The large tree in the centre of the cul de sac. It looks so beautiful

A different view of the front garden

The back garden

My foot print in the back garden

Not the best picture but the wheely bin is lying down on the ground and the snow on top is deeper than the width of the bin!

That's all for now. Thanks foor looking!